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One thing the pandemic taught us all was a new found resilience and a greatly enhanced praise for the key workers that keep society moving. With a cultural shift to all things clean, we found a way to make our washable phones actually hygienically clean.

We partnered with Biomaster to inject silver ion additives into every exterior surface of the phone. Ta-dah, a natural antibacterial barrier that never wears off, plus you can wash it safely if you really need to.

This partnership leant itself naturally to video and social content that stands out, product donations where needed most and B2B lead gen content targeted at a whole bunch of new audiences that would genuinely benefit from the product.

A few of our other projects

XB Consultants

XB Consultants were able to maximise their hiring success through a bespoke website dedicated to their recruitment services in Luxembourg.

Hill House Lifestyle

Hill House Lifestyle was able to simplify their business operations and maximise sales through the introduction of an omni-channel approach using a brand new Ecommerce system allowed them to transact seamlessly across various channels, such as online, mobile, and in-store.